Samopomich: Bringing the subordinates of the Minister of Internal Affairs to the hall of the Verkhovna Rada is democracy destruction

According to the legislation, the parliament is the place of discussion and decision-making by representatives of people elected at the elections. Nobody, except for the representatives of people, has the right to be in the Verkhovna Rada hall during the work of the parliament.

The appearance of people wearing the uniform of law enforcement agencies, which are supposed to be the first ones to protect the law, in the session hall means we are living in a police state. This is an example of disrespect for the law, and this destabilizes the situation in the country which is already complex anyway.

The Samopomich Union faction appeals to the President, the Prime Minister, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the leaders of the parliamentary factions to immediately organize a national roundtable in order to find a civilized way out of the situation and to solve the issue of the prohibition of the trade with the occupier. Samopomich asks churches’ leaders, moral leaders of the nation to act as moderators of such a round table.

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