In accordance with the law, Samopomich returned the deposits of individuals who did not have the right to make them

Today, the media reported that the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption has sent to the court the protocols on administrative violations against the individuals who made contributions in the support of the Kyiv city organization of the Samopomich party with a violation.

For its part, the political party of Samopomich Union states that it was informed by the letter of the NAPC dated July 3, 2018 that some individuals had made contributions while having tax debts.

Following the regulations of the Law, according to which the party or its local organization is obliged to refuse the contribution of a person who does not have the right to make such a contribution, within three days from the day when it became known, the Kyiv city organization of Samopomich returned the contributions made by private individuals in a timely manner.

“I would like to emphasize that because of the lack of legal regulation in the current legislation, neither political parties nor the contribution makers are able to verify the existence of tax debts at a time when the contribution is made. And the NAPC does not take into account the rights of taxpayers to appeal against such debts and does not check the information about the existence of such appeals.

It is quite sad when a debt of 200 hryvnias can cause such problems for people, and they might not even know there is a debt actually. The authorized bodies have not managed to create a mechanism that would make it possible to check whether a tax debt exists, and no notifications are sent either,” said Liubomyr Fediuk, a lawyer of the Samopomich political party.

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