Roman Semenukha: Samopomich in the city of Dnipro is very guilty towards people

The decision of Samopomich to recommend Vyacheslav Mishalov and Artem Khmelnykov to voluntarily give up their deputy mandates following the findings of the working group, which studied the widespread information about possible corruption actions of the former and the inaction in such a situation of the later, was adopted on March 30. To date the faction has registered an appeal to the city mayor on the removal of Vyacheslav Mishalov and Artem Khmelnykov from their posts.

“We will insist that this issue be considered at the next session, and this is our principled position. By April 30, Mishalov and Khmelnykov have the opportunity to hand in notices and voluntarily give up their mandates. This possibility is indicated in the decision of the party executive committee. In case of their refusal, we will implement all the legal mechanisms to remove these deputies from office,” comments Oleksandr Lyhin.

Vyacheslav Mishalov and Artem Khmelnykov have already been excluded from the faction.

Moreover, Artem Khmelnykov has been deprived of powers of the chairman of the Dnipro city party organization.  Andriy Tolstykh, who is ready to give a new life to the city organization, has been chosen a new chairman. The new chairman calls on all people to get involved and present their initiatives. Now the party branch in Dnipro is open to people and ready for fruitful work.

“Samopomich in the city of Dnipro is very guilty towards people. This is true. Moreover, I have to admit that in no other regional centre of Ukraine there is so little support for people,” Roman Semenukha underlines.

As noted by Oleksandr Lyhin, after such drastic steps the Dnipro branch of Samopomich will be new and strong, which will restore and strengthen the confidence of civil society.


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