Samopomich: “The pressure of tyrants’ power is gaining momentum”

Searches have been carried out by employees of the prosecutor’s office and the Security Service in the home and in the office of the deputy chairman of the Zaporizhia regional council, chairman of the Zaporizhia regional branch of the Samopomich Union Vladyslav Marchenko. Also, investigative actions have been carried out against the head of the faction in the Zaporizhia City Council Dariya Triukhan.

As reported by the lawyer, representatives of the law enforcement agencies did not present any official documents justifying the searches and Vladyslav Marchenko has not yet been formally charged either.

Now he is going to Kharkiv, accompanied by the special investigative agents of the Security Service of the city. It is likely that he will receive a notice of suspicion there, and tomorrow a court session will be held to determine a pre-trial restriction. According to local Samopomich organization, Dariya Triukhan has not been detained. “Repression in this country is gaining momentum!

The searches and detentions are conducted by the Kharkiv Prosecutor’s Office and the Kyiv Security Service, which are obviously directly controlled by the Presidential Administration,” stresses Oleh Bereziuk, chairman of the Samopomich faction in the parliament.

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