Samopomich: This is how terrorists act taking hostages and then demanding money and property to release them

Dear lawmakers! The garbage blockade of Lviv has been on for more than a year. The chairman of the Samopomich faction Oleh Bereziuk, Vice Speaker Oksana Syroyid, MP Taras Pastukh have been on a hunger strike for four days. And you are okay with this. Everything is fine. The parliament is demonstrating a high efficiency, the coalition together with the Opposition Bloc are voting for changes to the budget, the budget funds are being carved up. But for the Ukrainian people and for Lviv – the largest Ukrainian-speaking city in the world – everything is not so good.

More than a year ago Hrybovychi landfill was closed down following the court’s decision. There is no place to take out the garbage. The city authorities of Lviv had found a way out of the situation by negotiating with other communities. However, the central government started returning the garbage trucks back to the city despite the fact that they had all the necessary documents; behind the scenes other  communities and cities were instructed not to accept the garbage from Lviv.

Today, a special operation “Lviv garbage” is being implemented. Its goal is to make the city drawn in wastes and then to blame Samopomich and its leader Andriy Sadovyi for this. We won’t let this happen!

Yesterday in Lviv there was a delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister Zubko. The visit turned to be useless. The orders of the Prime Minister are not being complied with. Lviv residents have called this trip the most expensive press conference in the history of Ukraine, since the flight was specially arranged for the delegation to come to Lviv, while this visit brought absolutely no results. Today we saw a letter from Mr. Syniutka, chairman of the Lviv regional state administration. This letter is in a way an acknowledgement of guilt. The governor says that he is ready to take out all the garbage, but he has certain conditions – 300 million a year, transfer of the communal enterprise into their property, receipt of land plots. This is how terrorists act taking hostages and then demanding money and property to release them.

Dear authorities! The policy of ultimatums and blackmail will not work on Lviv. This is the city of free people, and the people of Lviv will find a way to protect themselves. And you should think a bit – there is a dictatorship emerging in the country, and the same situation tomorrow may occur in the cities that you represent.


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