Samopomich: it cannot be so – spending on police instead of army

Samopomich Union faction did not vote for the draft budget for 2018. As noted by MP Tetiana Ostrikova, the budget was developed on the basis of unreliable macroeconomic indicators, which had been approved in May and were not changed when the draft budget was submitted for the first reading in September. The government did not bother to revise the indicators.

“In the month between the first and second readings the Cabinet “found” additional 35 billion budget revenues by easily changing macroeconomic indicators. This is at the time when we are told that now it is impossible to abolish the income profit tax and impose a tax on the withdrawn capital as an incentive to revive the economy because we, as it turns out, have no compensators,” she emphasizes, adding that along with the revenues, 40 billion of additional expenditure appeared as well.

“What the government offers to spend them on:

– in 2017, 4.6 billion hryvnias were allocated for the Prosecutor’s General Office, in 2018 additional 2.1 billion hryvnias are envisaged;

– additional 1.6 billion hryvnias for the Security Service,

– additional 19 billion hryvnias (!) for the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

This is despite the fact that the Minister of Defence states that the needs of the army of the belligerent country are financed in this budget by only 46%. That is, the army is underfunded, while the government suggests building a police, security state, and redistributes taxpayers’ money to law enforcement officers, who later come to taxpayers with searches,” says Tetiana Ostrikova.

As for the budgetary decentralization, the MP says that thanks to the efforts of Samopomich and other factions and parties, it was possible to keep at least the reverse subsidy at the level of the previous year, and have the benefits and debts for housing and communal services covered from the state budget, not local budgets.

“Yet we have further systematical destruction of the achievements of decentralization. The medical subvention is underfinanced by 4 billion – these are the salaries of medical workers,” says Tetiana Ostrikova.

At the same time, between the first and second readings additional 16 billion hryvnias for subsidies appeared as well: “Thus, 71 billion hryvnas are provided for the payment of subsidies, while for the energy efficiency activities under the “warm credits” program there are only 400,000 million. And additional 2 billion hryvnias for some shadowy energy efficiency programs.

A question to the Minister of Finance: where is the verification of the recipients of subsidies? These budget funds go directly to the regional gas distribution companies, owned by oligarchs. Where is the monetization of subsidies, so that these funds could go directly to people?”

Summing up, Tetiana Ostrikova notes that Samopomich demands to introduce parliamentary control over the state budget funds that are spent on law enforcement agencies and the defence sector, and does not support this budget aimed at building a police state: “Because it cannot be so – spending on police instead of army.”

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