Samopomich and Democratic Alliance have united and are jointly nominating Sadovyi’s candidature for the presidential election

The parties of Samopomich and DemAlliance have signed an agreement on a political union and agreed to jointly participate in the presidential and parliamentary elections in 2019, as well as the local elections in 2020. Andriy Sadovyi will be the only candidate for the post of the president of Ukraine from both political forces.

According to the co-chairman of Democratic Alliance Vasyl Hatsko, the political union is open to all political forces that are democratic and independent of the oligarchs, “The formation of one political union by DemAlliance and Samopomich is only the first step. I am convinced that in this process there will be more politicians and citizens who are not indifferent to the fate of our country. And a single candidate from the democratic opposition is our alternative to the candidates from the pro-Russian and oligarchic forces.”

The chairman of Samopomich, Andriy Sadovyi, has voiced the main tasks of the political union –“to remove all corrupt politicians from power, to build a successful law-governed country, to ensure Ukraine’s technological modernization, and consequently to win the war of independence”.

“In order to accomplish these tasks, we are setting a goal – to win in the presidential election, to get at least 100 mandates in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada, and get a victory in the elections to local governments,” said Andriy Sadovyi.


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