Samopomich: The current crisis is the result of the government’s inability to solve the energy issues

Samopomich Union faction believes that the government’s decision to take emergency measures in the energy sector of Ukraine is correct, though belated.

“The government has shown its inability to resolve this issue – this has brought about the today’s crisis. So now the priority task of the energy crisis headquarters must be the search for alternative sources of coal and the energy security of Ukraine,” says member of the Samopomich Union faction in the Parliament, Lev Pidlisetskyi.

The MPs says that emergency measures do not necessarily mean blackouts and increase in prices. The emergency measures consist of a whole range of things that can be done: power cuts in certain units for the sake of improving the work of other units – of the nuclear power plant as well; introduction of certain measures aimed at improving the flexibility of nuclear generation and others.

“This presupposes additional authority of the power system operator, which will get more opportunities to influence the market. This is a right thing to do. While power cuts are purely a last resort. The task of the government is to do everything possible and impossible to manage without cut-offs. Better late than never,” says Lev Pidlisetskyi.

At the same time, he is asking to stop manipulations concerning the increase in electricity tariffs. After all, the announced by the government increase by 25% in the near future has nothing to do with the blockade – this is merely the next stage in the realization of the decision of the National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities, which was approved on February 2015.

“And last but not least. But for the criminal decisions of the National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities on the transformers, Rotterdam+ formula, and others, this would be the last price increase for the population. But the reality is that the Rotterdam was introduced, prices rose, somebody earned the money, and we continue to purchase coal from the occupied territories,” concludes the deputy.

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