Samopomich sent the materials of the investigation in relation to a deputy of Kyiv city council Marchenko to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau

Samopomich deputies have submitted to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau all the materials and conclusions of the party’s control commission, which investigated the activities of the deputy of the Kyiv City Council Roman Marchenko.

“After the investigation, we realized that the issue of the land plots is just a tip of the iceberg. It is not only damaging the reputation of the party, but it can also contain signs of crime. Since the party is neither a law enforcement body nor a judicial body, the provision of final legal opinions and bringing to legal responsibility is the competence of the relevant bodies. Therefore, we have addressed the NABU. If the detectives of the Anti-Corruption Bureau see signs of crimes in the actions of Roman Marchenko, they will be obliged to forward this case to the court,” explained the deputy, chairman of the control commission of the Samopomich Union Ruslan Sydorovych.

We shall recall that the Executive Committee of the Samopomich political party decided to exclude four deputies of the Kyiv City Council from party members because of the fact they had supported the decision of the Kyiv City Council to allocate land plots to the relatives of their colleague Roman Marchenko, who had previously illegally seized them.

The investigation revealed the following facts:

– Roman Marchenko and his family members seized 12 land plots in Kyiv with a total area of about 1.4 hectares, including about 0.6 hectares of the coastal line of Lake Vitovets. 8 land plots are registered in the name of members of the Marchenko family or related persons with violation of the requirements of the law; 4 sites are actually used by the Marchenko family without any legal grounds;

– in his declaration for 2016, Roman Marchenko did not indicate the income that his wife received from selling 6 land plots near the Lake Vitovets, which obviously violated the requirements of the law;

– the law firm, in which Roman Marchenko is a partner, conducts an active commercial activity in the occupied Crimea and on the territory of Russia;

– in 2017 and 2018, a 23-year-old daughter of the deputy, personally or through Roman Marchenko, issued loans in the total amount of more than 5 million dollars and 300 thousand euros and received mortgage of real property with a total area of more than 7 thousand square meters and lands with a total area of more than 35 hectares. Such actions were probably taken to avoid the declaring of these transactions in the property declaration of Roman Marchenko.

In addition to forwarding the materials of its own investigation to the law enforcement agencies, the party will initiate the procedure of recalling Roman Marchenko under a popular initiative.

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