Samopomich launched the implementation of a national project “Be the master of your home”

Samopomich Union political party has launched the implementation of a national project “Be the master of your home. ” Its purpose is to help people take control of their house in their own hands.

MP Aliona Babak emphasizes, “The strategic goal of the initiative is to let Ukrainians understand their rights and duties in managing common property by systematically explaining the regulations of laws and by training the co-owners of houses to independently choose the form of management, the manager, the model of contractual relations with utility providers.”

Within the framework of the project, Samopomich will train its own experts who will later teach the residents of apartment buildings. After all, housing maintenance offices are becoming a thing of the past, and residents must now take on the responsibility of managing their homes. They can choose one of the following options:

1) to create a condominium;

2) to choose the manager of the house on their own at a meeting of co-owners and conclude an agreement with him/her;

3) to ask the local authority to appoint a manager.

Samopomich activists will help residents hold co-owners’ meetings and choose the best form of government so to be able to become real masters of their homes.

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