Samopomich offers a mechanism that could put an end to oligarchs’ enrichment through tariffs

A new bill, initiated by Viktoriya Voitsitska, will stop the President’s ultimate influence on setting utility tariffs, and will finally overcome the corruption scheme “Rotterdam+”, from which the oligarchs are making money.

The bill provides for the re-election of the leadership of the National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities on the basis of new, transparent rules. The National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities is a state body that sets tariffs for the utilities in the country. It was this exact structure that introduced the “Rotterdam+” formula for the purchase of coal, following which Ukrainians pay a price for coal from Donbas as if it were purchased from the Netherlands. Today, we can trace the signs of political prejudice and dependence of the Commission from the presidential team: the head of the structure, Dmytro Vovk, is the former manager of the Roshen office in Moscow; in the Commission itself there is no rotation of the leadership, though this is required by law.

Therefore, in order to change the situation and make the National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities an independent and professional structure that will make a balanced and unbiased decision on utility tariffs, the Samopomich faction and its colleagues have introduced the bill 6073-1. Its adoption provides for the immediate dismissal of the current leadership. The new leadership will be elected under a new transparent competitive procedure by the representatives of the President, the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet with the involvement of the public and the media. The Parliament represented by the deputies of the relevant committees will have the last word, while the final choice of the head from several candidates will be carried out by casting of lots. This will minimize the chances of appointing a concrete corrupt person, and will put an end to the President’s exclusive control over the National Commission for State regulation in Energy and Utilities.

“The energy reform is impossible without a real reform of the regulator,” noted the co-author of the bill, a member of the Samopomich faction Viktoriya Voitsitska.

Samopomich faction is calling on the other MPs to support the bill, and the expert environment to pay maximum attention to the problem.

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