Samopomich submitted its proposals to the draft State Budget for 2019

Among the main priorities, there are:


We insist on putting an end to incomplete reforms and providing funds for ensuring modern emergency medical care.

Emergency medical service requires increased funding. It is necessary to provide the service with ambulances and to provide the latter with necessary equipment and medicines. Such a reform should be carried out throughout Ukraine, not only in 5 regions.

The government plans to allocate less than 3 billion hryvnias for all these expenses.

Samopomich insists on meeting the needs of emergency medical care in full and increase the amount to 11 billion hryvnias.

We demand higher wages for specialized medical employees (of 2nd and 3rd levels of medical care).


We demand to stop cutting expenses on children’s education.

Nowadays, Ukrainian schoolchildren study the natural sciences (chemistry, physics, biology, geography) with no necessary facilities. Samopomich says it is inadmissible to cut expenses on the quality of education of children – no big money is needed for this. For example, to supply 2,000 schools with proper natural sciences rooms it is necessary to find only 280 million hryvnias in a trillion budget.

Samopomich requires a real increase in the salaries of teachers.

The government seems to declare the right decisions, but in fact, it only promises a lot for the sake of promoting itself. On the ground, we constantly hear that there is no real increase in salaries. Samopomich proposes to finance the educational subvention on the basis of real needs of the industry.


We suggest increasing the wages of the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Militarymen must receive at least $ 1,000.

However, it is important to change the wage formula to ensure that this money is not spent on additional allowances and bonuses for those who have been sitting in military offices for years and have never been in the trenches.

The money must go to the soldiers, so that they can have a decent cash security.

For example, we can financially encourage the military to acquire new specialties.

Samopomich insists on a three-fold increase in the funding for housing for military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

There is money in the budget for this. From year to year, the government has been reducing funding for the construction of housing for the military. For 2019, 840 million hryvnias are allocated – this is the cost of about only 1,000 apartments. The Ukrainian army has 255,000 people. Tens of thousands of veterans have been waiting for housing for years.

We realize that the proposed amount is not enough, but we need to start with something. And in several years of systematic financing, we will be able to cover the needs of the Ukrainian army.

The army begins with a soldier. The soldier’s social security ensures a strong morale of the troops.

There is no need for populist patriotism. The state must express its love with money.

Youth loans

Samopomich proposes to provide a new, more effective budget program of the loans for the youth with a total funding of over 1.5 billion hryvnias.

In the next year, the government plans to allocate only 27 million hryvnias for a partial compensation of the interest rate of loans from commercial banks to young families and single young citizens. For comparison, the Cabinet spends almost twice as much on maintaining its car fleet – 46 million hryvnias per year.

Cheap housing loans for young people is one of the mechanisms to fight the massive labour migration in Ukraine. The indicators of this phenomenon today are terrible: out of 30 million Ukrainians of working age, 4 million people have left Ukraine in search of work over the last 2 years (research by the Centre for Economic Strategy).

The government talks a lot about labour migration in Ukraine but does not take any measures to stop it. And the scarce 27 million allocated by the government for compensation of the interest rate for purchasing housing for young people only confirms this.

Science and Technology

We suggest doubling the funding for research projects.

The state should do away with the principle of providing funding to the buildings of scientific institutions.

We want the money for science to be targeted. This will enable young scientists to express themselves and have real access to financial resources.

One of these institutions is the newly established National Research Foundation.

“Warm” Credits

Samopomich has submitted a proposal to allocate 2 billion hryvnias for “warm” loans.

The government talks a lot about energy efficiency, but it only offers 400 million hryvnias in the budget for “warm” loans. This amount is much smaller than in the previous years and it completely disregards the current trends.

The State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine forecasts the demand for “warm” loans in the amount of more than 5 billion hryvnias in 2019. Hence, to meet the demand for “warm” loans, at least 2 billion hryvnias should be provided.

Under these conditions, it is projected to attract about 230,000 loans, which will have an effect for more than 700,000 households. At the same time, the forecast volume of gas savings will reach more than 300 million cubic metres per year.

Savings for the budget will make up more than 2 billion hryvnias. That will even exceed the expenditures from the budget for this program.


We suggest increasing the funding of subsidies up to 60 billion hryvnias.

Firstly, it is highly probable that the price of gas for the population will rise by up to 20% by the end of the year. Today, the average bill for housing and communal services is about 600 hryvnias for a household, without the cost of heating. These are unaffordable amounts. As of the end of July, the debt of the population for the supply of natural gas had amounted to 16.7 billion hryvnias, for central heating and hot water supply – 10.8 billion hryvnias.

Secondly. Last year, the government made a miscalculation when it allocated 55 billion hryvnias for subsidies; then the funding was increased to 71 billion hryvnias. Samopomich has repeatedly noted that the State Budget 2018 is based on miscalculations and unrealistic economic indicators. Now we insist that such errors must be taken into account.

Where to get the money from?

Samopomich is a responsible political force, therefore, it has submitted its proposals to the draft State budget for 2019 along with the sources of funding.

We suggest reducing the expenses on all officials by 20% – ranging from ministries to regional state administrations. We are talking about a careful and balanced approach to this reduction. We offer to review the functions, tasks, staffing.

In the era of information technology, the productivity should increase. Yet, we still have Soviet staffing everywhere. This is an inefficient use of taxpayers’ funds.

Just think about it: in Ukraine, we spend almost 0.5 billion hryvnias on some regional state administrations – this is more than the cost of administration of entire ministries.

We offer a 50% reduction in the funding for a number of budget programs that are not within the competence of ministries and departments. For example, there are ministries that spend extra money on methodological and scientific research. As a rule, such programs are created for money laundering. And there are many programs like this in the budget.

Such a step will allow optimizing government spending without damaging the domestic scientific potential, as well as will allow authorities to focus on the implementation of their direct tasks and responsibilities.

There should be additional 100 million hryvnias coming from the customs payments thanks to the activities of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine regarding the creation of conditions aimed at preventing the evasion from paying customs duties and the measures taken by the government and State Fiscal Service to terminate the schemes of the customs clearance of goods. Such a figure was announced by the Prime Minister of Ukraine at a government meeting on June 20, 2018.

Link to the official video of the Cabinet’s meeting

Official statement of the Minister of Internal Affairs – 105 million hryvnias

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