Samopomich supports the Declaration on the Protection of Freedom of Speech in Ukraine

On behalf of the Samopomich party, the leader of Samopomich Union, Andriy Sadovyi, publicly promised to protect freedom of speech and the rights of journalists. The document, developed by the National Union of Journalists, was signed by him during the talk show “The right to power.”

“Given the fact that Russian agents in the person of Medvedchuk and his associates are buying up Ukrainian television channels in order to brainwash our people, we must protect independent media more than ever; as well as invest in the development of public media, as it is done in Europe. Media is one more front of the war with the aggressor,” Andriy Sadovyi commented on the signing of the declaration.

The declaration in defence of freedom of speech stipulates that political parties and their leaders, parliamentary candidates undertake voluntary commitments to respect freedom of speech and self-expression, not to exercise pressure on journalists and the media, not to use law enforcement agencies to persecute journalists, to conduct public reports on the investigation of offences against media workers and the like.

This declaration was supported by Andriy Sadovyi during the presidential campaign, when he was a candidate for the post of President of Ukraine.

We shall recall that Andriy Sadovyi is advocating the nationalization of Medvechuk’s channels or cancellation of their licences.


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