Ostrikova: Samopomich will support the bill on return of funds to the depositors of “Mykhailivskyi” bank

Today, the President introduced to the Parliament an urgent bill that could solve the problem of the defrauded depositors of “Mykhailivskyi” bank. As reported by Tetiana Ostrikova, Samopomich MP and member of the Committee on Taxation and Customs Policy, the faction will support this bill and all the legislative initiatives aimed at solving the people’s problems.

“It’s not the first month they’ve been here. We went out to them, appealed to the National Bank to find out how much money was actually placed not in the bank, but in a financial service company. We were not provided with this information. It is only the President’s intervention that will probably solve this problem. If there is a political will to help these people, then this bill can be adopted and come into effect very soon,” MP said.

As stated by Tetiana Ostrikova, the bill suggests doing two things. Firstly, it offers to allow the Deposit Guarantee Fund to make payments of lost deposits, though in fact, these funds were not placed in the bank itself, but in a financial service company associated with it.

At the same time all of the assets of these companies from the group of “Mykhailivskyi” bank are to be included into the liquidation estate and transferred to the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

Tetyana Ostrikova
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