Samopomich supported the bills related to the protection of economic competition and monitoring of public procurement

Yesterday, the Verkhovna Rada considered a block of economic bills and adopted three important laws: on monitoring of public procurement, on amendments to the laws on the economic competition protection and on the improvement of the procedure for controlling the concentration of economic entities.

According to Roman Semenukha, people’s deputy of the Samopomich Union faction, the parliament made a small but really important step towards further improvement of public procurement: “One of the few successful reforms in the country is the reform of public procurement through the Prozorro system. But in three years of its operation, we have not managed to introduce a monitoring procedure over the quality of these purchases – there still is a subjective factor, because officials can interfere with the process at their discretion. And the bill which was adopted today in the first reading will eliminate the human factor and will introduce an automatic monitoring.”

In addition, Roman Semenukha emphasizes the importance of bills that protect economic competition and improve the procedure for controlling the concentration of business entities.

According to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, there is competition only in 46% of the Ukrainian economy, while 12% is the power of monopoly.

“One can see with the naked eye that there is a real cartel conspiracy in the construction, energy, chemical, and fuel and lubricant production sectors. Over all its history of existence the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine has never stopped any mergers or takeovers in the monopoly sectors. When was the last time we heard about the division of companies? Probably only when there was pressure on the part of the European Union and international organizations. Medium-sized business suffers significantly from monopolies. Therefore, it goes without saying that the legislative initiative aimed at improving the procedures for controlling the concentration of economic entities is extremely important,” the MP noted.

Roman Semenukha states that, in accordance with the law, it is the Anti-Monopoly Committee gives consent to a merger of enterprises. And it is very important that this is not done if the company is under sanctions.

Therefore, during the voting for the bill, the amendments of the representative of Samopomich on introducing changes were taken into account. According to the amendments, the companies that are on the sanctions list will not be able to obtain such permission.

The laws on the protection of economic competition were amended as well. “Today, if a business entity applied for a permit for concentration, but the Antimonopoly Committee did not manage to present its decision within a stated period of time, the authorization is granted automatically. But this should not be allowed. So, we made sure this decision would be made,” Roman Semenukha explains.

And the last thing on which the Samopomich faction insisted is granting the right to a retrospective. “That is, if starting from 2014 the Anti-Monopoly Committee  issued permits for concentration to the companies that were subsequently sanctioned, now such permits can be and must be canceled,” the MP said.

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