Samopomich supported the human rights action plan for the new parliament

The task of a parliamentarian is not to take care of protecting the rights of one person, but to make such decisions that would not allow state authorities to violate the rights of all people.

This opinion was expressed by Oksana Syroyid, Deputy Speaker of parliament, parliamentary candidate from the Samopomich Union party, following the meeting with representatives of the platform “Human Rights Agenda”.

According to her, Samopomich supports the human rights action plan and has its own clear position, which it has been defending for 4.5 years of its work in parliament, with respect to the majority of the proposed points.

“For example, together with human rights activists, we have developed a bill on illegally convicted persons. By this document, we tried to make changes to the laws to revise the sentences of life-term prisoners. Because there are cases when a person got a life sentence for murder, but then it turned out that the one he had allegedly killed was alive. Yet the man got a life sentence and is serving the term in prison. There are not very many cases of this kind, but still, there are dozens of them. Therefore, we wanted to give the opportunity to those illegally convicted to have their cases reviewed,” says Syroyid.

Another topic on the human rights agenda is the so-called transitional justice.

“Once the occupied territories are returned – what should we do? Of course, there is Medvedchuk’s plan – to hug and kiss each other. But there is a reality as well. And there must be punishment for those who committed war crimes and crimes against the state — such people must go to jail. Another category of people who were members of the occupation administrations or collaborated with them must be at least lustrated – they must not be allowed to work in government bodies or local governments. This position of Samopomich is set forth in our draft law on the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine,” explains the Deputy Speaker.

Also, during the meeting, the parties discussed the issue of introducing a land market. According to Oksana Syroyid, this human right to own land is also very important: “Ukrainian lands are facing the threat of Russian aggression; therefore, we must protect the right of ownership of Ukrainians to Ukrainian land.”

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