Samopomich supported the ecological agenda for parliament from leading public organizations

The agenda of the environmental safety of Ukraine was discussed today by candidates for people’s deputies from the Samopomich Union together with representatives of the coalition of public organizations dealing with environmental issues.

The first issue raised during the meeting is the introduction of legislation that will regulate the management of industrial waste of all types and establish rules and a new system of responsibility.

“This should not frighten manufacturers since there will be a transitional period for these rules and all market players will know when and how they should reach these indicators,” explains Olha Babiy, a parliamentary candidate from the Samopomich party.

The second issue is the approval of the national energy strategy, which will clearly define a plan for the transition to the economical use of energy resources, reduction of energy consumption in the areas that are bearing a high load today – mainly, housing and communal services.

The third issue is the national indicators of the quality of drinking water, air, soil and rivers, which will enable Ukraine to ensure sustainable environmental and economic development for 5 years.

“The next step was to discuss the system of responsibility in the sphere of environmental disruption. We agreed that a reform of the environmental inspection and other environmental authorities should take place taking into account the latter’s dependence on corruption and the judicial system. We need a comprehensive solution – a single national environmental inspection,” Olha Babiy is convinced.

As for filling the environmental fund and using its funds, the position of Samopomich is such that the funds should be used for priority areas, which will be declared by strategies and will reduce the amount of household, industrial waste and reduce the impact on the environment.

Also, the new parliament should adopt a package of key bills that will limit the use of harmful substances in agriculture, phosphates, and emissions, and will establish a system of responsibility.

“Generally speaking, we came to an agreement concerning all issues. In addition, during the meeting, we agreed on a cooperation with a coalition of public organizations not only at the level of the work on national legislation in parliament, but also, given the strong Samopomich structure in the regions, we agreed to develop local regulatory acts to solve environmental issues on the ground,” concluded Olha Babiy.

We shall recall that a coalition of 25 public organizations dealing with environmental issues has called on all political parties and candidates for parliament to envisage a solution to environmental problems in their future work. In particular, we are talking about the establishment of a system of control and monitoring over the state of the environment, judicial practice for environmental protection, environmental education and the like.

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