Samopomich will appeal against voting for changes to the procedural codes because of “piano voting”

In the course of consideration of the amendments to the procedural codes and voting for the bill as a whole, Samopomich MP Andriy Zhurzhiy noticed non-personal voting of people’s deputies. The video clearly shows how MP Barvinenko from the “Revival” group voted for his colleague Presman two times.

“I tried to inform the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Mr. Parubiy, about this immediately after the first such incident. Unfortunately, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada did not react to the video proof and simply limited himself to calling on the MPs to vote in person. As a result, MP Barvinenko once again voted for the bill with someone else’s card and I think that such cases were not rare in this hall today,” Andriy Zhurzhiy notes.

Consequently, the Samopomich faction is going to ask the Speaker of the Parliament to appeal this vote and will demand a re-vote for the draft law on judicial reform.


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