Samopomich-Odesa exposed a fraud of the Odesa City Council worth of 146 million hryvnias

At 22-g Tiraspol highway in Odesa there is a property complex, owned by the “Airline “Odesa” company, and a patch of land. Lately the city decided all of a sudden that it badly needed the property complex, and it is going to buy the latter for 15 million hryvnias. The land is in the municipal property, in fact. However, the mayor’s office decided that they should still buy a plot of land of a total cost of 131 million hryvnias. And there can be only one reason for such a purchase – to loot the city budget funds.

In response to the inquiry of the Samopomich Union faction, the department of communal property of the Odesa City Council sent a reply stating that “… the land on which the buildings and structures are located at the address 22-g Tiraspol highway, Odesa, which are planned to be bought in accordance with the decision of the Odesa City Council from 21.09.2016, is in the communal property of a territorial community, and has not been handed over to be used or owned by any natural or legal person.”

On July 24, 2012 the Odesa City Council granted permission for the development of a land management plan for allocation of a land plot at 22-g Tiraspol highway to “Airlines “Odesa”, and a year later, on July 18, 2013, the City Council canceled the permission.

In the last years no decisions about the land have been made – it remained in the communal property. Which once again confirms the fact that the City Council mysteriously bought the land from itself. Moreover, the cadastral map says the plot is free.

Since June 2016 “Airline “Odesa” company belongs to Leonid Lisnychenko, member of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc who works in “Virchenko and partners” law association. After 2.5 months Lisnychenko granted his stake in the company to Andriy Virchenko, i.e. his chief who is accused of extortion in “close cooperation” with the State inspection for cost control. It was only after Andriy Virchenko became the owner of the company that the City Council decided to buy its own land at exorbitant price.

Since the Council simply could not have been unaware that there is no need to buy a land which is a municipal property, the citizens have witnessed how in a few months by legal procedures and unprecedented lies the mayor’s office stole 146 million hryvnias of the budget money.

Source: Samopomich-Odesa

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