Samopomich expects the Committee of Voters of Ukraine to name the names of the candidates who allegedly organized the bribery of voters

Today, the media have been spreading information saying that according to the Committee of Voters of Ukraine and the organization “Under Control”, the voters were bribed during the elections in the UTC on April 29.

Among the political forces that, according to the analysts, allegedly violated the electoral law, there is Samopomich Union as well.

However, the above-mentioned public organizations, which are undoubtedly very authoritative, did not provide either specific names or confirming facts about the illegal actions.

In this regard, the political party of Samopomich Union has appealed to the head of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine Oleksiy Koshel and to the representatives of the organization “Under Control”. However, no facts that could confirm the involvement of Samopomich in the bribery of voters have been provided.

Consequently, Samopomich Union once again officially addresses the Committee of Voters of Ukraine and the organization “Under Control” with a request to promptly provide facts on the basis of which the political party Samopomich Union was added to the list of parties that resorted to bribing voters. If such information is confirmed, the candidate will be expelled from the party or from among the activists and deprived of the mandate if they had received it.

If such information is not confirmed, we will demand a refutation of the information that does not correspond to reality and discredits the political party Samopomich Union.

Samopomich has always stood for honest and transparent elections. This is especially important in the elections to the united territorial communities – since the latter are the closest to the people authorities. Therefore, people should elect those whom they really trust, while any dirty influence on the voters’ decision is unacceptable.

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