Samopomich: “We will not let agrarians suffer from billions of losses”

The Samopomich faction in the parliament once again emphasizes – the discriminatory rule about the non-refund of the VAT to the producers in the export of oilseeds and industrial crops must be eliminated.

“This rule, introduced semi-secretly into the Tax Code during the vote for the budget-2018, was supposed to enter into force on January 1. The protests of agrarians, who blocked the roads before the new year, frightened the authorities, and it was decided to postpone the rule’s entry into force. However, such “deferred losses” still mean losses of more than 16 billion hryvnias annually for goods producers. We will seek their complete abolition,” states MP Ivan Miroshnichenko, who is a member of the agrarian committee of the parliament.

People’s Deputy Tetiana Ostrikova emphasizes: this rule leads to unfair competition and directly violates the Constitution of Ukraine. Taxation must be neutral and not create preferences for someone and legislative obstacles in the return of VAT for others:

“A lot of time, effort, materials and human resources are spent on growing rapeseed and soybeans. This is the product which should be freely exported from Ukraine. And each commodity producer must choose on their own whether to sell it to a processing enterprise or trader, or to export it independently.”

Two days ago the goods producers organized the Second All-Ukrainian Assembly, which clearly defined the deadline for the parliament to correct this situation – within three weeks. In addition to the abolition of the non-return of the VAT, agrarians also require to transfer agricultural lands to the property or disposal of communities, as well as to review government’s programs of the support for the agro-industrial complex.

“As for the abolition of the discriminatory rules, there is a draft law #7403-2 that has already been registered in the parliament. It is supported by representatives of all political forces in the agrarian committee, and we will insist on its inclusion in the agenda and its adoption at the next plenary week. As for lands – in the parliament, there is also a bill #4355, which has already passed the first reading. It also can and should be adopted,” notes Ivan Miroshnichenko.

Tetiana Ostrikova also focuses attention on subsidy programs for agricultural producers: “The government concealed the relevant draft resolutions from both people’s deputies, and from society and business. Agrarians are curious about on what 6 billion hryvnias were spent? Will these be two huge agricultural holdings that will receive these funds again? Or there is a chance this money will finally reach the goods producer?”


Ivan MiroshnichenkoTetyana Ostrikova
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