Samopomich: The majority election system, which became the foundation for the destruction of parliamentarism, must be abolished

One of the duties of the parliament of the 8th cadence is to change the electoral rules, which in their present form allow those, who instead of serving people pursue their own business interests, get to the Verkhovna Rada. These people treat their deputy mandates not as a value or responsibility, but only as a cover from criminal prosecution.

“Today, along with its allies, like-minded people and indifferent Ukrainians, Samopomich took to the streets outside the parliament to remind the deputies about the basic requirement – to change the electoral legislation,” says MP Roman Semenukha. “We have had numerous examples in the history of modern Ukraine, when precisely the majority system distorted the will of people. It was like this in the time of Kuchma and Yanukovych. And in the current Verkhovna Rada, the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko won the elections not by means of the largest number of votes, but because of the majority candidates who comprise one-third of the parliament today. Therefore, we are convinced that the majority system must cease to exist.”

MP Tetiana Ostrikova notes that the continuation of work of the old CEC along with the unchanged electoral rules means opening a way to the parliament for those deputies who, after they have bought votes, start receiving Soviet-style subsidies for the social and economic development of the regions, which they use as means of indirect bribery.

“Then these deputies will have to work off their “debt” in the parliament by demanding preferences and granting privileges to the oligarchic business, introducing corruption amendments to the state budget of Ukraine,” the MP noted.

According to Roman Semenukha, another change in electoral rules is the introduction of open lists. After all, today, when voting on closed lists, voters do not know who is behind a loud party name, and therefore people should vote not only for the party, but also for each its candidate.

“The new election rules also mean the abolition of political and external TV advertising, because today’s media market is mostly owned by those people who manipulate this parliament destroying it as an institution,” Roman Semenukha added.

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