“Samopomich has a huge potential to implant moral values in Ukraine” – a representative of the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Ukraine

Representatives of European political partner forces and international organizations attended the congress of the Samopomich Union political party.

A representative of the Swedish moderate party Göran Lennmarker stressed in his speech that Ukraine has every chance to become a full member of the European Union if it establishes the rule of law.

“When the country is led not by the oligarchs, but by the parties that represent the interests of all citizens. This is exactly what Samopomich is striving for. You have a strong civil society. Maidan has become an important event in Europe. And you have a party based on values, which is a very important starting point towards real changes in the country. Over the past 25 years, I have visited your country numerous times, and I am pleased to see how your party, which has values in its core, is developing,” said Göran Lennmarker.

Oliver Colville, a representative of the Conservative Party of Great Britain, conveyed greetings to the delegates from the British Prime Minister Theresa May and noted that the Conservative Party shares the main values of the Samopomich party. “Britain recognizes Ukraine’s full right to determine its own future as an independent sovereign state. Yet, order, which is based on rules, is very important here. Therefore, the United Kingdom plans to play a leading role in reacting to Russian aggression.

The Conservative Party also shares such Samopomich party’s values as the desire to control budget expenditures and defend its balance, human freedom and freedom of expression, and the sovereignty of the state. We support your desire to have the government that will be free from corruption. And last but not least, let me refer to the words of President Nixon, “Victory is not all. Victory is the only thing that matters.”

“I like Samopomich for the values in which it believes,” said Daniel Seiberling, representative of the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Ukraine. “Samopomich has a huge potential to implant moral values in Ukraine. Indeed, the party constantly demonstrates that it is not ready to sacrifice its own principles for the sake of seats in the government, in government offices. For you, the citizens’ trust and your own values and beliefs are more important. In February 2016, Samopomich went into opposition. In my opinion, this was a very wise decision, because you showed that you were a force representing interests of people.

If there are values at the core of the party, its main goal is not to stay in the government by any means, but to stick to the party’s principles and to protect the convictions of people.”

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