#Samopomich.Country – March 18, 2017 episode

Watch in this episode:

– Who opens fire on the blockade participants? How did the law enforcers force capture the redoubt in Kryvyi Torets? And why is train traffic restored, despite the decision of the National Security and Defence Council to stop cooperation with the certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions? On another week of blood trade blockade

– To release the prisoners, to protect decentralization, to stop trade with the invaders, to evacuate civilians from uncontrolled territories, to officially recognize the war as a war. Important decisions aimed at preserving the country made at the all-Ukrainian congress of the Samopomich Union.

– Oleh Bereziuk: I have a rhetorical question to the authorities in this country: Whom do we deceive? The enemy? Ourselves? Or the European Union? Let’s build an independent Ukrainian state that will truly protect the interests of its citizens by deeds, not by television fakes!”

Head of the Samopomich Union faction in the Verkhovna Rada called for an urgent adoption of laws on the occupied territories, the anti-corruption court and elections on a proportional basis with open lists.

– Skadovsk miracle! How are a successful mayor and community changing their beloved city for better? Find out in the #Samopomich.Country episode. Spread the experience in your own cities!

– In Lutsk, even on the fortieth day after the mayor’s death, the deputies have not relieved him from the duties. All this in order to prevent the secretary of the Lutsk city council – representative of the Samopomich Union Yulia Vusenko – from receiving the powers of mayor, in accordance with the procedure stipulated by the law. On an unprecedented struggle against political opponents.

“Safety on the road!” Samopomich once again organized such an action for schoolchildren in Rivne region. This time policemen conducted a master class for pupils of Bronnyky school. Taking care of the safety of schoolchildren.

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