Sadovyi declares that the gambling business in Ukraine is possible due to the protection of law enforcement agencies

Moreover, some MPs receive billions of hryvnias from this. This was stated by the candidate for the post of President of Ukraine in his video blog on YouTube.

“A commonplace thing in all small cities of Ukraine – slot machines under the sign of the “National Lottery”, alcohol store, second-hand shop, pawn shop or funeral home.

Officially, gambling is prohibited, but for some reason no one sees it. Because all these institutions are working under cover. The police, the Security Service of Ukraine, the prosecutor’s office are “protecting them” and receiving a share from this,” says Sadovyi.

The politician is convinced that the problem can be solved. He even says it can be solved “in a week’s time”. “If you appoint a proper Prosecutor General, a proper head of the Security Service of Ukraine, and the Minister of Internal Affairs has a principled position – the problem will be gone overnight.”

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