Sadovyi cautions the President and Prime Minister against the violent crackdown of the blockade of the “trade on blood”

“There could be nothing worse than a violent conflict between Ukrainians near the front line. I caution the President and the Prime Minister not to even think of such a move – said the leader of Samopomich, Andriy Sadovyi, commenting on the fact that the authorities are considering the option of a violent crackdown of the trade blockade.

Sadovyi has also appealed to the organizers of the blockade and the central government with a request to start negotiations:

“I believe that such negotiations are possible in case the authorities abandon any threats against activists. Another condition is that all parties have to acknowledge the following axioms:

– The only topic of negotiations with the Russian occupation administration in Donbas may be the issue of liberation of Ukrainian prisoners of war;

– It is unacceptable to trade with companies that pay tribute to the occupation regime;

– It is unacceptable to keep the energy security of the country dependent on the occupiers.

If we all accept these statements, it is necessary to pass the law on recognition of the reality – on the official status of the uncontrolled territories as “occupied” ones with all the international legal implications. The draft law is already in the Verkhovna Rada – now it’s up to the deputies.”

Samopomich leader noted that today this policy in the interest of the state is implemented by the ATO veterans not because they personally don’t like someone in power, but because having gone through the war they now have a moral right to demand from others to, at least, stop making money from this war.

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