Sadovyi: The introduction of electronic excise stamps on alcohol and tobacco will bring 17 billion hryvnias to the budget

Ukrainian parties can be divided into two types – corruption ones serving the oligarchs and local feudal lords, and anti-corruption ones, which are in a huge minority. The leader of Samopomich party, the mayor of Lviv and a potential presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi says, “As a matter of fact, Samopomich today has to protect 99% of the population of our country – those people who are hardly surviving these days. Meanwhile the 1% of the rich are actually exploiting our state. Look who owns minerals, heat and power companies, gas supply systems, and political parties here.”

Answering the question whether he could change this as the president, the politician notes:

“When you become the president, you have the opportunity to speak with those people at a different level. I think all previous presidents once had conversations with those people. But instead of getting tough with them, these presidents started negotiating. As a result, we see that, for example, Akhmetov is now earning more today than he earned in the times of Yanukovych.”

“I am a practical man,” continues Andriy Sadovyi. “For me, it is important that people have jobs. Recently I have visited the Antonov enterprise and I want to do everything possible for this enterprise to produce planes there. Then these planes would fly between Ukrainian cities, and we would unite the country, which is divided today. If you have good intentions and good tools, then you do the work, you create jobs.

I am convinced that 25% of our budget should be allocated for education and science. I want all the funds that we have from the excise tax on tobacco, alcohol to be spent on education in order to have modern schools. The budget is not receiving these funds now. If we introduce excise electronic stamps, for example, for alcohol, tobacco, then the budget will additionally receive 17 billion hryvnias.”

“There are many possible ways of increasing the budget so that to be able to spend more on education, defence,” concludes the presidential candidate. “The amount of money that is spent on defence today is not enough to have a strong and powerful army.”

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