Sadovyi explained how to bring Ukrainian universities to the top 500 world universities

“Unless we support the education sector, this country will have no future,” in his election program, Andriy Sadovyi suggests providing 25% of the state budget for education and science and introducing competition among higher education institutions.

“Today, there are about 300 universities in Ukraine. And how many of them are in the top hundred universities of the world? Or in the top-500? Only one is trying to get on the list.

Therefore, I suggest that we select through a competition 10 universities that will receive greater financial support for the development of science and innovation. But these universities must fight for this right and prove their level of educational services and scientific potential. And then we must do our best to ensure that these 10 universities are at least among 500 of the best in the world, and then among the first hundred,” explains Andriy Sadovyi.

In his opinion, the teacher’s salary should be increased to the level of an average IT employee’s salary, and the revenues from the excise tax on the sale of tobacco and alcohol – the so-called “sin tax” – should be spent on education and science precisely.

“If we want to understand what the future of Ukraine will be like, we have to look at education. I would like this future to be much better. We must develop our children’s creativity. This is what makes it possible to come up with brilliant ideas then,” says Sadovyi.

In addition to this, Sadovyi’s program also focuses on vocational education. The presidential candidate suggests linking vocational education with the needs of entrepreneurship at the local level through direct orders from employers and the authorities.

The full program of presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi is available here.

We shall recall that on January 3, at the XVII congress of the Samopomich Union party, the party members supported the candidacy of the party leader, Mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovyi for the position of the President of Ukraine. Andriy Sadovyi, in his turn, presented his election program and his team.

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