Sadovyi suggests nationalizing or revoking the licenses of Medvechuk’s TV channels

“If we keep turning a blind eye to Medvedchuk’s buying up television channels, it might get too late soon.”

When speaking at the TV show “The Right to Power”, the leader of the Samopomich party, Andriy Sadovyi, called on state services not to let the pro-Russian revenge take place.

“We need to pay special attention to such things — either we should adopt a law on the nationalization of those channels or the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting should revoke the relevant licenses. Otherwise, people will be brainwashed. This is a great evil for our country,” said Sadovyi.

We shall recall that on June 14, the media made public the information that a people’s deputy from the “Opposition bloc”, an associate of Viktor Medvedchuk, Taras Kozak, became the new owner of the ZIK media holding. Thus, Medvechuk, who is Putin’s friends, is now controlling three news channels – 112 Ukraine, NEWSONE, and ZIK.

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