Sadovyi demands Lutsenko’s resignation

“If, following this tragedy, there will be no resignation of Prosecutor General Lutsenko at least, this will mean the President is not just turning a blind eye to the revenge, but is actually engaged in it,” said Andriy Sadovyi during an event in memory of activist Kateryna Handziuk in Lviv.

He also noted, “Appointing heads of law enforcement agencies on the basis of their loyalty, instead of honesty and professionalism, kills. Literally! We now have the victims of this. Unpunished criminals in the parliament, criminal feudal lords in the regions – these are the result of Petro Poroshenko’s business management over the country.”

Today, November 4, Kherson activist Kateryna Handziuk died. She was doused with acid in late July. The crime is still unsolved.

Today, on the day of her death, memorial events took place in the cities of Ukraine.

We shall remind that over the past year, there have been more than fifty attacks on activists.

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