Sadovyi demands from Zelensky a clear position regarding the activities of Medvedchuk and the return of Yanukovych’s associates to Ukraine

“If no clear position of the new president is expressed, then I will treat this is a betrayal of the interests of the state.” This is how the leader of “Samopomich”, Andriy Sadovyi, commented on the recent events regarding the purchase of yet another news channel by Medvedchuk’s friend and regarding the court decisions which allowed the odious Onyshchenko and Kliuyev to run for parliament.

“The judicial branch of power has always clearly looked to the president. If the president “nodded”, they began to do what they wanted. The same is true of the SBU. This is actually an effective presidential body that makes unpopular decisions. And today they stand aside observing,” said the politician.

He believes that the president must give a clear answer to these questions as soon as possible. “This is what the Ukrainian society wants today. If Russia attacked Ukraine, and we allow Russian agents to feel free here, to buy our TV channels and go to parliament – this is unacceptable! This is our impotence.

Therefore, the new president must either show his strength – prove that he is the president and he will put an end to this mess – or, if he is silent, then we understand that this is a coordinated plan for the capture of Ukraine,” said Sadovyi.

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