Sadovyi: The absence of a legitimate mayor in Lutsk is a great disregard for society

In January of this year, the mayor of Gdansk was tragically killed in Poland. Six weeks later elections were held; today the city has a new mayor. Whereas Lutsk has had no mayor for two years and the parliament is in no hurry to set elections.

“This is because it is not profitable for someone,” believes the leader of Samopomich, Andriy Sadovyi.

“The Verkhovna Rada is hardly in working condition today, and there is no political will to restore order. The President, as the guarantor of the Constitution, should also be active in this matter. But he is not. Moreover, up to 200 communities throughout the country have no leaders today. This is a big disregard of communities by the central government and state authorities. I will keep insisting that the elections be called as soon as possible,” said the politician during his working visit to Lutsk.

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