Sadovyi responded to Vakarchuk’s Challenge #ThreeRequirementsforCandidates

A candidate for the position of President of Ukraine, Andriy Sadovyi, is ready to compete for Svyatoslav Vakarchuk’s vote. He wrote about this on his Facebook page responding to the challenge of the public activist – #ThreeRequirementsforCandidates.

Thus, concerning the requirement to participate in debates with opponents, the politician noted that he was “ready to participate in such debates”, and even had “already held the first ones last week with Anatoliy Hrytsenko”. “I won my previous campaigns in Lviv due to open debates with opponents, among other thinks. In fact, debates are a very cool election tool.”

As for the team, Andriy Sadovyi wrote that his “team has long been known”:

“These are mainly my colleagues from Samopomich in the parliament. In October, we also entered into a political alliance with the “DemAlliance” party.

However, Sadovyi reminded that previous week he had named his candidates for the posts of the Prosecutor General and the Minister of Defence – the Vice-Speaker of the Parliament Oksana Syroyid and MP, a participant in hostilities in the ATO zone, a member of the parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defence Taras Pastukh.

Andriy Sadovyi called the head of “Raiffeisen Bank Aval”, Volodymyr Lavrenchuk, the best candidate for the position of head of the National Bank. “Once the President, I pledge to offer his candidature for parliament’s approval,” he wrote.

However, Sadovyi has not yet named his candidates for the positions of Chief of the General Staff and Minister of Foreign Affairs. “My candidate for the post of Chief of the General Staff is one of the active combat commanders. Unfortunately, I cannot give his name, because this will create immediate problems with his service. The same situation is with the candidate for the post of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who is a diplomat at present.”

Sadovyi provided proof of the fulfilment of his promises by the example of his program in Lviv, since so far he has “not hold any government posts”:

“The website has a detailed program, with which I ran in the elections in 2015, and the implementation of each item in percentage points. It is also possible to see a report on the implementation of the program for each year. Such a thing will be on the website of the President of Ukraine Andriy Sadovyi as well,” says Sadovyi.

We shall recall that today Svyatoslav Vakarchuk has published three requirements for candidates for the post of President of Ukraine. In his opinion, a presidential candidate must take part in televised debates with opponents or in programs of a similar format held live and without a prompter. A candidate must also present the names of the members of his/her team and provide real proof of how he/she delivered on his/her promises in the past. “If at least one of these three requirements is not met, such a presidential candidate should not be voted for,” said Svyatoslav Vakarchuk.

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