Sadovyi withdrew from the presidential race in favour of Hrytsenko

The mayor of Lviv, the leader of Samopomich party, Andriy Sadovyi announced his withdrawal from the presidential race.

“For me, my own ambitions are not uppermost. I am willing to sacrifice them for the sake of a greater goal. And I think that now we have a chance to choose a Ukrainian and anti-corruption President,” said Andriy Sadovyi.

The politician said that he made a decision which was also supported by the Samopomich party – to support Anatoliy Hrytsenko’s candidature.

“My support is not unconditional. Early next week, Anatoliy Hrytsenko and I will sign a public deal. It will contain some very important things – in relation to the defence and security of our state, the fight against corruption, concerning the occupied territories and the purity of the personnel policy. It is important for all of us. Right now is our chance,” Sadovyi is convinced.

The politician also added that these were only the first steps: “Today Samopomich is the platform that should unite all democratic forces. Our task is to win in the parliamentary and local government elections. The big victory is ahead – and this will be our common victory.”

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