Sadovyi: There are wagons of cash in Ukraine ready to be converted into land

“For centuries, the Ukrainian land has always had its owner.” Candidate for the post of president of Ukraine, Andriy Sadovyi, is convinced that the state should prepare hard for the opening of the land market.

“I want Ukrainians to be masters of their land. I want peasants to be able to take soft loans, buy land and equipment to work on it. Unfortunately, over the decades of the moratorium, the state has done nothing to build a system and enable people who work on the land to be the owners of this land,” said Sadovyi at a meeting in Kyiv.

The politician provides an example – in the European Union, agrarians receive about 400 euros of a subsidy per hectare of land. In Ukraine, this subsidy is about 5 euros. However, in 99% of cases, these funds go to large agricultural holdings.

“Today there are wagons of cash that is ready to be converted into land. Therefore, it is necessary to radically change the approach to the agricultural sector. It goes without saying that we must carefully prepare for the opening of the market – in addition to loans for farmers, we should also create a Land Bank, which will create a competitive situation for those who want to sell the land. But all this must be done very quickly, because we still have trouble with the cadastres, and the situation is getting worse and worse,” says Sadovyi.

We shall add that in his election program, the candidate for the post of president speaks about the development of the agricultural sector. Among the first steps in this direction, he suggests guaranteeing cheap loans for Ukrainian farmers to buy land, allowing only Ukrainian citizens to buy land, limiting the amount of land that one person can buy, and introducing a transparent sale of the right to rent state owned lands.

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