Sadovyi introduced monthly scholarships for scientists in Lviv

“Lviv System of Researchers” was launched in Lviv. According to the municipal program, 50 most successful and talented city researchers in various fields will receive monthly scholarships in the amount of 10,000 hryvnias.

“Here in Lviv, we value wise, creative people very much. This program is a great new opportunity to once again demonstrate our position. “Lviv System of Researchers” should become another incentive for talented scientists to do science and develop their city,” said the Mayor of Lviv, the candidate for the position of President of Ukraine Andriy Sadovyi during the presentation.

For such support of scientists, 6 million hryvnias were provided in the city budget. In addition, “Scientific Lviv” program has been operating in the city for three years now. 500,000 hryvnias are allocated from the city treasury for bonuses to talented scientists and for help in financing city scientific conferences.

“Education and science are the future of states. Those countries that once chose innovations and intelligence as their priorities are now the first in the world. Today Lviv allocates about 30% of the city budget to education, science and new technologies. In my opinion, at the state level, at least 25% should be invested specifically in the development of these industries. And good practices – like the ones of Lviv – should be scaled to the whole country,” says Andriy Sadovyi.

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