Sadovyi suggested having an experiment in Kharkiv – to close the Regional State Administration for a month

“I suggest conducting an experiment: let’s close down the Kharkiv Regional State Administration for a month. You will see that nothing will change, and people will only say thank you,” Sadovyi said this at ATN TV channel in Kharkiv.

We shall remind that earlier Andriy Sadovyi stated that he believed that in the future regional state administrations should be eliminated. Instead, there should be small, mobile offices, which should help cities coordinate their relations with the Cabinet of Ministers and other government agencies.

“Our main focus should be on cities. And those nearly 10 billion hryvnias, which are spent on RSA every year, can be used with benefit for the communities,” said the mayor of Lviv.

We shall add that today Andriy Sadovyi held a meeting in Kharkiv in the Urban Talks format. During this meeting, Lviv and Kharkiv citizens shared their experience of the development of their cities.

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