Sadovyi told how wood turns into round timber at customs

Officially, in 2017, Ukraine exported 2 million tons of wood. However, according to statistics from the customs of foreign countries, only 443 kilograms of wood and more than 610,000 tons of cobblestone entered them from Ukraine.

Presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi notes that the majority of such transactions are carried out by state enterprises – forestry enterprises, which export “wood” from Ukraine.

“In fact, everyone understands that no one takes any wood abroad. It is round timber that goes to Poland, Romania, Turkey. Raw materials from which they produce furniture. And then a large amount of the furniture is returned to Ukraine. Moreover, a lot of this furniture is produced by Ukrainian workers who go there for work, because there is no production in Ukraine,” says Sadovyi in his video blog on Youtube.

Therefore, the politician calls the moratorium on the export of round timber a fiction. In his turn, Sadovyi proposes to combat the export of round timber with the help of effective anti-corruption agencies, complete customs digitization and forest inventory, and also offers government programs – to increase forest plantations and support domestic production, particularly in the field of wood processing.

“There must be a political will to support the Ukrainian manufacturers. We can create up to 50,000 jobs here in Ukraine in woodworking alone. So people could have jobs without being forced to go abroad. We have everything we need – raw materials, wise people, desire. Only there are “crooks” who squeeze the last out of people. They must leave,” Andriy Sadovyi is convinced.

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