Sadovyi explained why in Ukraine food is more expensive than in Poland

One litre of milk in Ukrainian stores can be bought for about 28 hryvnias. In Poland, it is 30% cheaper. In his video blog on YouTube, the candidate for the post of President of Ukraine Andriy Sadovyi has analyzed why Ukraine while having the best black soil in the world is lagging behind its closest neighbours in the field of agriculture.

“First of all, Polish farmers have no problems with the land – they have all the rights to the lend properly registered. They have access to new technology. They have no problems with fertilizers, fuels and lubricants. They have access to cheap loans.

“We have a mess with the land, problems with fertilizers, no equipment, cheap loans are just a fantasy, people are simply being robbed through raider schemes,” notes Sadovyi.

Moreover, the politician refers to one more fact – the financial support of the state. “Polish farmers receive 300 euro of subsidies per hectare of land. Our budget for last year provided for more than 6 billion hryvnias, while in reality only 1 was paid. If divided by all farmers, then one farmer should receive only 6 euros per hectare,” says Sadovyi.

However, according to the politician, our farmers did not receive that either. According to the data of the Single Portal for the use of public funds of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, in 2018 the group of companies PJSC “Myronivskyi Khliboprodukt” (founded by Yuriy Kosiuk) received more than 933 million subsidies and refunds from the state budget.

“That is, where did this billion go? To the President’s friend,” states Andriy Sadovyi.

We shall add that in the election program of the candidate for the post of President of Ukraine, Andriy Sadovyi suggests a number of steps for the development of the agricultural sector:

– To provide Ukrainian farmers with cheap land loans.

– To allow only the citizens of Ukraine to buy land.

– To limit the amount of land that one person can acquire.

– To introduce a transparent sale of the lease right for the state-owned lands.

– To stimulate the production and sale of Ukrainian agricultural machinery.

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