Sadovyi: Restoration of historical buildings will generate much more money for Odesa

In order to restore an old house, one needs to spend three times as much money as on building a new one. However, the historical parts of the Ukrainian cities – Odesa, Lviv, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Kyiv – are a diamond that needs to be polished,” presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi said so during a working visit to Odesa.

Responding to a question from Odesa citizens who asked to share Lviv’s experience in the restoration of architectural monuments, Sadovyi noted that the situation in Lviv was not perfect and there was still a lot of work to be done.

“But we realized it 12 years ago that the state will not give money for this. Because the state does not comprehend the fact that we have a diamond in Ukraine. Therefore, we have been relying on ourselves as a body of local self-government and through attracting business, international organizations we are restoring our historical monuments.”

The presidential candidate also noted that very often it is corruption that is the cause of the destruction of architectural monuments, “A building is brought to an emergency condition on purpose, it is on a verge of collapse, and then a new one is built. And the new building has a completely different owner than the old building, which previously belonged to the community of the city. This is nothing else than a desire of some individuals to make a profit. Instead, it is the entire city that should be benefiting – because those buildings, once they are cleaned, restored, can generate a lot of money for Odesa!” says Sadovyi.

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