Sadovyi explained how he suggests strengthening the Ukrainian economy

The reduction of the tax burden, the digitalization of the economy, and the offensive against corruption are three steps to develop Ukraine’s economy, says the leader of Samopomich, Andriy Sadovyi. In an interview with Radio NV, the future candidate for the presidential post noted that this would significantly increase the average salary.

“We need to reduce the tax burden, because today’s unified social tax and personal income tax if combined, are still a huge burden. The second suggestion is to introduce the tax on withdrawn capital. The examples of Georgia, Estonia, Latvia show positive results. I think it will be useful. Because there are always some frauds with the profit tax in the tax office,” said Sadovyi.

The politician also proposes to organize an open discussion on VAT with leading economists. In his opinion, the best option is something like the American sales tax – it is more transparent.

Another step is the digitalization of the economy, which will help destroy corruption schemes.

“Today’s level of corruption kills any incentives for the payment of taxes. At the customs, we lose 100 billion hryvnias annually. We lose 12 billion hryvnias on “illegal” alcohol, another 10 billion on amber. The Rotterdam+ scheme generates 33 billion hryvnias of superprofits for several people – the oligarchs who do not pay taxes. There is only one way out – to destroy all these corruption schemes and introduce digital economy,” notes Sadovyi.

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