Sadovyi: Poltava region is like Saudi Arabia. You should be living like sheikhs

Ukraine should set sights on increasing its own gas production. In particular, Poltava gas.

This was stated during a working visit to Poltava by a candidate for the post of President of Ukraine Andriy Sadovyi.

“The government reports that we have not bought a single cubic meter of Russian gas. We bought Swiss gas – 3.6 billion cubic metres. Has Switzerland started to produce gas? No, it hasn’t.

And if in the 1970s we produced 68 billion cubic metres, today it is only 21. We need 31 billion for our own needs. That is, we can add 10 more and we will be an energy independent country. Moreover, the prime cost of our gas is $100; and of the one we buy abroad – $380,” notes the politician.

Sadovyi is convinced that if the region has deposits of minerals, then it should receive investments:

“The region should receive significant dividends – at least 50% of the rent for the extraction of minerals. And Poltava region is just like Saudi Arabia – it has oil, gas. Therefore, you should be living like sheikhs.”

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