Sadovyi calls cancellation of the punishment for illegal enrichment a fraud

“Top officials from Poroshenko’s entourage feel the power slipping away from their hands and so they are trying to avoid further responsibility.”

Presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi commented on his Facebook page on the news that the Constitutional Court had declared unconstitutional the rule of law providing for punishment for officials’ illegal enrichment.

According to Sadovyi, “The Article 368-2 of the Criminal Code on “illegal enrichment” itself has not brought about major changes since its introduction and application have been artificially slowed down”.

“But it can become a real weapon against corrupt officials and judges in the hands of those who set a goal for themselves to clear power,” says Sadovyi.

The politician notes that the article of the Criminal Code on the duty of public figures to explain the origin of their property (and criminal liability if this is not possible) was also one of the requirements in the process of obtaining a visa-free regime with the EU.

“The authorities are gradually abolishing all the institutional achievements Ukraine managed to make in the first years after Maidan. First, they are putting flowers in memory of Maidan heroes in front of cameras and then they are quietly destroying what the Ukrainians died for. This is utmost cynicism,” believes the presidential candidate.

We shall recall, on February 26, the media reported that the Constitutional Court had declared unconstitutional article 368-2 of the Criminal Code, which provides punishment for officials for illegal enrichment.

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