Sadovyi called the monetization of subsidies the bribery of voters

“The authorities are now throwing people a bone. But, as a matter of fact, they will later steal a hundred, a thousand times more from people – through schemes, Rotterdam, offshores, etc.,” said Andriy Sadovyi at 1+1 TV channel.

According to the politician, the increase in pensions and the monetization of subsidies now are nothing more than bribery. “It goes without saying that these things should be done, but if they are only done on the eve of elections, then this technology is fraudulent. These people will later come up with yet another tariff scheme to increase their income. Akhmetov is already making additional 35 billion hryvnias of profit from “Rotterdam+”.

Therefore, Sadovyi is asking people not to trust these bribing attempts.

“They are going to do their “best” now – bribe, deceive, lie. Because things are getting hot for them,” said Sadovyi.

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