During a meeting with young people, Andriy Sadovyi announced his intention to participate in the presidential election

Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi announced that he would put forward his candidacy for the participation in the election of the President of Ukraine.

He stated this at a meeting with the organizers of the youth forum “#Molodvizh” in “Communa” co-working.

“My goal is very simple and difficult at the same time – to restore your faith in Ukraine. The whole world is open to you today, but it is only here that you can build your own country. I suggest fighting for it together!” said Andriy Sadovyi.

According to him, the key elements of his campaign will be “the mobilization of young people, the fight against corruption and mutual covering-up system in politics, as well as the technological modernization of the country.”

“We are decades behind the world leaders. We must use all our force and intelligence of the nation to catch up with the world. This is a matter of national security and survival. Otherwise, there will be no prosperity, no happiness, no victory in the war. But everything is in our hands and within our powers,” emphasized the Mayor of Lviv.

Sadovyi promised to make public the composition of the team with which he will run in the election and urged all the forces supporting the idea of “decisive changes” to unite. 

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