Sadovyi: “Today we see the result of Poroshenko’s judicial reform”

Medvedchuk is buying up TV channels and is running for parliament, the courts let Kliuyev and Onyshchenko run as well. According to the leader of Samopomich, the first number on the party’s list at the parliamentary elections, Andriy Sadovyi, Ukraine’s national interests are being betrayed.

“Some very symbolic things are taking place. On the one hand, the CEC does not register one of the Maidan’s voices, Volodymyr Parasiuk. On the other hand, it registers Kliuyev. And we have Medvechuk in the picture again.

Sadovyi states that Medvedchuk’s activities are a threat to our national security.

“He is a direct agent of the Kremlin. Russian passports are being handed out to people in Donbas today.  And prior to this, these people had been brainwashed by the Russian media for years. And the same is going to happen through the media that Medvedchuk is now buying up.

And it was Petro Poroshenko who let Medvedchuk feel free in Ukraine. So now others are coming back as well. Kliuyev has come back and is running for parliament. Will tanks and heavy weapons be the next step?” said Sadovyi on the TV channel 24.

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