Sadovyi and Samopomich together with businessmen will work on the economic development of the country

The Ukrainian Business Council, which includes 70 business associations, and the political party “Samopomich Union” signed an economic memorandum, in which they formulated and coordinated the steps to be taken to improve the business environment in Ukraine and the impetus for economic development.

“We all want to live in a prosperous country. And this will only be possible when the government will work for people who create jobs and pay taxes,” said Andriy Sadovyi, the leader of Samopomich, a presidential candidate, during the signing of the memorandum.

“I urge Ukrainian entrepreneurs to go into power – this year, there will be parliamentary elections, then elections to local governments. We made the first step in 2014, when Samopomich brought to the parliament honest and principled deputies, some of whom had previously worked in business. Even so, the majority of those who are in high offices today will never work in the interests of people. Because for them, power is not about serving people, but a source of super-profits. The time has come to change it,” Sadovyi said.

We shall add that the memorandum between the Business Council and Samopomich provides for the adoption of reforms that will significantly improve the investment climate, will encourage business to get out of the shadows and will make corruption impossible. In particular, we are talking about:

– liberalization of tax legislation;

– transition to the tax on withdrawn capital;

– creation of a strong European-style customs administration, separate from State Fiscal Service;

– liquidation of the tax police and economic units in law enforcement agencies in order to prevent pressure on the business;

– creation of a single analytical body for financial investigations;

– improvement of infrastructure – from the development of transit corridors and logistics hubs to the construction of ports and airports;

– effective privatization of state enterprises, except for critical infrastructure facilities;

– digitalization of the economy and basic spheres of life, education and medicine in the first place.

All these measures are envisaged in the program of the presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi.

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