Sadovyi: Dnipro must have flight connections with the entire world

The candidate for the position of President of Ukraine, Andriy Sadovyi, stated he did not believe in the prospect of constructing a new airport 40 kilometres away from Dnipro.

He stated this during a working visit to the city.

The politician insists on gathering the Ministry of Infrastructure, regional and city authorities and the owners of the current international airport Dnipro in order to jointly decide on the future of the airport.

“The runway is state-owned. It should be gradually repaired instead of being closed, because there is not enough money to build another one next to it. At the same time, it is necessary to build a new terminal. In the beginning, this could be done at the expense of public investment. But if the state does not want to do this, it is possible to transfer the terminal to the concession,” advises Andriy Sadovyi.

According to the politician, this is a state security issue. And the city of Dnipro, which has “such a scientific and human potential, must be connected with the entire world.”

We shall recall that the candidate for the post of president of Ukraine, Andriy Sadovyi, in his election program proposes to restore the work of domestic airports in all regions and turn them into modern service and logistics centres. The politician insists on the development of domestic air traffic and the creation of a national low-cost carrier.

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