“The government does not want to look for money for the defenders who are fighting in the east of Ukraine” – Andriy Sadovyi

Last week, the parliament adopted in the first reading the state budget of the country for the next year. The Samopomich faction did not support the document, because the government refused to take into account the really important needs of people.

“Our fellow deputies from Samopomich had submitted amendments in which they proposed to approve a state support program for the military. Each participant in the war in the east should receive from the state, which they protect, 100 thousand hryvnias. This is what the community of Lviv provides its defenders with, so we think that it should be like this all over Ukraine.

Samopomich had a clear answer as to where to get the money for such a program from – not to increase the funding of security and law enforcement agencies, to cut costs for bureaucratic institutions, such as regional administrations, as well as to get the necessary funds from the customs, where the government has been promising to “eliminate illegal schemes” ever since.

However, the representatives of the Cabinet rejected the amendments. We will fight for these things to be included in the draft budget during its preparation for the second reading,” says the leader of Samopomich, the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovyi.

We shall remind that Lviv is the only city where a house for the veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian war was built. The keys to 53 apartments were given to the military men who had the status of orphans or those deprived of parental care, to the fighters with disabilities of the 1st, 2nd groups, and the families of the deceased soldiers.

The community of the city pays 100,000 hryvnias to everybody returning from the war, helps with the cost of expensive treatment or rehabilitation.

Also, in Lviv, there is the first Centre for providing services to the participants in combat operations in Ukraine. Here, within a single office, one can arrange all the documents for receiving proper assistance after returning from the war. In addition, in the Centre, the military men and their relatives can consult a lawyer free of charge or talk to a psychologist free of charge. The centre also organizes some leisure-time activities for the veterans – courses, trainings, family meetings. There are the veterans, wives of the veterans, and volunteers working in the Centre.

“I am convinced that the same assistance for the veterans after their return from the war should be ensured by the national government program. We will do our best to have the State program for the support of veterans approved at the state level.

The example of Lviv should be spread throughout Ukraine. We should be expressing our love to our defenders not only by words but by deeds. Because while they are protecting us there, at the front, here, in civilian life, they very often need our protection,” said Andriy Sadovyi.

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