“Quality management, the rule of law and progress” – Sadovyi on the aspirations of the country

Today, the leader of Samopomich and the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovyi is on a working visit to Cherkassy, where the 17th meeting within the framework of a friendly dialogue between the cities called Urban Talks is going to take place.

While talking to local journalists, Andriy Sadovyi shared his vision of how Ukraine should develop in the coming years.

“Today the world is not waiting for anyone. We must keep moving with no fear. Let me draw an example. The World Economic Forum has published a rating of countries’ readiness for the fourth industrial revolution. According to them, Ukraine is ranked 34th in terms of people’s readiness for these changes, and 94th in terms of the readiness of state institutions. Poland is 36th and 39th, respectively, the United States – 3rd and 9th.

Singapore is the first in terms of readiness of the state institutions and second in terms of the readiness of people. Just think of what Singapore was like 50-60 years ago. They have moved so far! Because they were not afraid!

I offer quality management, the rule of law, the implementation of real reforms and no fear. Creative economy, creation of new jobs – this is an opportunity of success for our country. We still have a lot of industries and things where we can be leaders. Do not be afraid! We must go forward,” said Andriy Sadovyi.

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